Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll fill out the Petmoir questionnaire which will provide us with a good first glance of your pet(s).
Click here to fill out the questionnaire.

Then, we’ll schedule an appointment to come to your home.  You can decide which of our two packages you’d prefer.  Our Basic Service includes a fully finished Petmoir filled with only pictures you’ve provided.  We’ll meet and spend time in your home with your family and pet(s) while we take notes about the questionnaire you’ve filled out ahead of time.  This will take up to about an hour and then we’ll have everything we need to make your Petmoir.

Or, you can choose our Premium Service which includes everything mentioned above plus a photo session with your family and pet(s).  This in-home session will take about two hours.  We’ll want to shoot with as much natural light as possible (daylight and/or outdoors is great) and capture your pet(s) surrounded by his/her favorite people and things.  You can still give us some of your own photo’s (we encourage you to do so) and we’ll make you a beautiful Petmoir filled with both yours and our photographs.

Treats for your pet always help!!

Prices for our Basic Service – $185.00 plus tax
Prices for our Premium Service – $229.00 plus tax

There are additional charges for more than two animals and distances traveled to your home greater than 50 miles

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